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We spent two years searching for the right epoxy amongst the various types that are available in different industries. No epoxy was suitable. We had to work with a partner in order to develop an epoxy which is now our own.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches has the first of three world premières in Excalibur Twofold.Patek Philippe Replica Watches What about number two?

Bruttin explains, "For the actual movement we put Super-LumiNova at the angles of its bridges. Super-LumiNova can only be applied in a space that is large enough to hold the material.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Excalibur Twofold displaying its Super-LumiNova bridges and straps in the dark

"There are not containing borders around the movement bridges' angles. To overcome this challenge we developed a new technique with the assistance of another partner. I find the solution that we came up with very interesting, and we are really enjoying using light to show off our watch mechanisms."

The third world premiere is a bit unexpected. Bruttin explains it has to do with a strap, where the brand for the first time incorporated SuperLumiNova in the material.Richard Mille Replica Watches Bruttin explains that "we are using a Super-LumiNova specific here, which is put directly into rubber of the band before molding it." And yet, the watch still manages Patek Philippe Replica Watches mandate for all watches bearing the Geneva Seal.