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She explains, "I wanted to give the Royal Oak an feminine touch, while retaining its masculine proportions and dimensions designed by Gerald Genta." "I did not want to change anything about the watch, but I also didn't add anything. I just wanted to reimagine. I wanted to create something that could be seen from across the room. Just like my original Royal Oak in New York. This finish was at odds with the precision and perfection of the watch.swiss replica watches The facets of the watch are never identical, which is something I really like. It was making a bold statement and giving Royal Oak a little attitude.

Bucci acknowledges that getting the technique just right was difficult. Bucci admits that the first trials weren't refined enough to achieve their design goal. Bucci realized quickly that her technique needed to be refined for watchmaking. Audemars-Piguet craftsmen adapted Bucci's technique using a tool that hammers gold at 12,000beats per minute to create small holes and facets. After months of trial-and-error, it took a lot of effort to change the surface of gold so that it sparkles in the light while maintaining the soft, clean lines of the Royal Oak. It is a difficult balance to strike: the watch looks completely different, but nothing has been changed.

What is the result? The gold facets sparkle when the light hits them.

Bucci: "I design things to make it harder for myself, by achieving finishes that appear one way while actually doing another." The sparkle of white gold makes the watch look like it's paved with diamonds.

First Frosted Gold Royal Oak

In 2017, the first Frosted Gold pieces were introduced in white gold and rose-gold,Breitling Transocean Replica measuring 33mm and 37mm. They immediately turned heads and swept SIHH off their feet. This watch finish has never before created such a buzz in the watch industry.

Audemars-Piguet then introduced a 41mm size in white gold, which was limited to only 200 pieces. This was to appeal to men and women. The Frosted Gold was a popular choice for men, but women also wanted something bigger.

Vacheron Constantin Replica's introduction was a major coup for the brand. It was not only a beautiful version of the Royal Oak but it was also different from everything else on the market. Audemars-Piguet took a big risk by using a jewelry technique on an iconic watch, but it paid off.